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The best way to watch the Rugby World Cup

The best way to watch the Rugby World Cup

Facebook feeds, Instagram and Twitter are already awash with images of the first few days of the Rugby World Cup. Despite the mixed reception to the opening ceremony the important part – the rugby itself - is now underway and running until the 31st September. We’ve done our homework and have created a shortlist of the best ways to see the games from start to finish…


Proud Camden Rugby

If you are a Londoner then you can barely turn a corner without another sandwich board sign offering you a venue to watch the games. But which one to choose? Proud Camden has a great vibe and several ways to watch the games to suit you no matter how you like to immerse yourself in the ‘rugga’. A bar that can accommodate 150 with a giant HD screen your bound to get a good spot. With a covered and heated terrace, beer taps and an outdoor BBQ. The horse stables are bookable if you want to have your own rugby area. What more could you need?


Honky Tonk Loves Rugby

Another London based offering but with multiple sites you can take your pick where to order your World Cup food platter and drink packages. Make sure you book your table in advance to get the best spot by the screens.


Official Fanzones

Fanzones, are free to enter, will be open on match days and at varying times across the six-week tournament providing fans, residents and visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the build-up to matches and join in with the nationwide celebration of rugby. There are fifteen designated sites across the UK and each Fanzone will include a big screen, with some showing live Rugby World Cup 2015 matches. Trafalgar Square will be open from the weekend of the semi-finals until the final.


Samsung SUHD 3D TV

If you’re feeling super flush then dig deep into your pocket for the Samsung SUHD 3D TV screen. At nearly £19,000 – yes, you did read me right – this serious bit of kit covers everything you could wish for. With an 88” curved 3D screen, no one will miss the actions if they are sat to the sides (as is often the case with 3D tvs). It’s ultra high definition, in fact it’s four times the resolution of standard HD. It has catch up tv, freeview and app store built in. Plus it comes with Amazon 

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