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What to do when your tech fails

What to do when your tech fails

Why does your tech play up at just the wrong time? You’re going out for a run and your iPod dies or you forget it’s in your pocket and accidentally drop it in the loo. We’ve all had a tech fail at some stage. Here are some smart little tips for when life trips up your tech.


1. When you drop your phone in water

Dry the whole phone with a towel then let it dry out at room temperature. Next step - put it in a ziploc bag of dry rice for a day – the rice naturally absorbs any residual water.


2. Your battery runs out too fast

Some of us have only recently discovered that you can close the applications on an iPhone by double clicking the menu button and flicking each window that you can see ‘up’ with a flick movement. Ta da! Battery life doubled! Check out some more tips here.


3. When your iPad freezes (aka ‘spinning wheel of death)

Hold down the power button and the home button simultaneously until the iPad reboots itself.


4. Don’t have much time to charge your phone

If you turn your phone to airplane mode it charges faster as you have turned off all the wireless radios inside. While you won’t be able to receive calls, use data or GPS you will have turned off the background processes and your phone will charge that bit quicker. 

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