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Quirkiest gadgets of the summer

Quirkiest gadgets of the summer

Have you ever thought how mad people must have thought Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the internet) when he launched his new invention? Mad of course! So here we share with you the weirdest and most wonderful of bizarre inventions that everyone is already going potty for.


The Lexus ‘Slide’ Hoverboard

Yes it’s real and it’s finally here – the much lusted over hoverboard from Back To The Future movie has been created to fulfill the dreams of every 30+ man’s teenage dreams. As they say: ‘We’ve made the impossible, possible: The Lexus Hoverboard is here.’


It uses superconductors, magnets and liquid nitrogen technology to run. Watch it glide over water here.





At some point we’ve all turned up to a party or BBQ with a six-pack of warm beer – and been judged by the host for it. Welcome into your life the SpinChill – a gadget that chills a warm can of beer in one minute and a bottle of wine in five. Attach it to your can or bottle, submerge it in a bucket of ice, it spins it and, voila! Ice cold beer.


The Spiralizer

An established favourite of gourmet cooks, and used incessantly by the Hemsley sisters, this little gem is progressively flooding UK kitchens. Used to create thin, spiral (obviously), spaghetti like strips of vegetable, its electric, or hand-cranked mechanism helps to create a bit of culinary flair to your average salad. Take your pick from this selection.



Most USB chargers are pretty naïve. They’re designed to push power into a battery to charge it, and even when the battery is fully charged it keeps on pushing, meaning you’re using unnecessary – chargeable and un-ecological – power and your battery is getting used to having the power source, damaging it in the long-run. The Powerslayer is designed to know when your battery is full and cut off the power supply. It’s even pretty stylish with a geometric texture and comes in four colours (but you will need a US to UK converter as it’s currently only shipped from the USA). So take your pick!

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