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The new generation of wearable tech

The new generation of wearable tech

It’s hard these days to find someone in a meeting room who isn’t using some form of wearable tech or a bio-responsive app. After all, we want to know more about ourselves and with busy lives it can be hard to make constant decisions to try and keep our lives balanced.

We all love the knowledge that diagnostics gives us to help us make healthier and more efficient decisions. We also love the convenience that tech on your person gives you – no rummaging around at the bottom of handbags or inputting every bit of calorie data in to a website each time you sip your glass of water. However, the Nike Fuel Band and Google Glass have been around for a while now so what is the new generation of wearable tech?


Apple Watch

This much anticipated latest Apple product is finally out. It is incredibly precise (it keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard), beautifully designed and as interactive as the iPhone. In fact more so as it also lets you connect in unexpected ways — like sending a tap, a sketch or even your heartbeat. Of course it has to be kept charged like any other Apple device – we favour the HiRise charger by Twelve South which makes the watch look like an installation.


Olive wristband

This band is not about fitness. It reads your biometrics to judge how stressed you are and then makes recommendations of tasks and exercises to do to help keep you feeling emotionally balanced.



This nifty little app, when left on the bed close to you, will tell you how long you’ve slept, how well and even has an alarm that will gently wake you up at the optimum point of your sleep cycle – no more panic waking.

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