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The new – and best - summer reads

The new – and best - summer reads

As we all slip into holiday mode we can’t help but start to think of sun, sea, sand, sangria and schooling. Schooling? Yes indeed – the school of life. After all, we all love a summer read now and again to re-connect and immerse ourselves in other stories and lives. Or we just want to read about a soppy, happy ending. Either way, here are our top tips for holiday reading…


Hardback books are pretty much reserved now for the fanatical literary breed as most people like the convenience of reading the latest novels on a Kindle. So the first thing you’ll need for your precious bit of holiday entertainment is a cover to keep the gritty sand at bay. This Terrapin leather bound case which has the option of a horizontal or vertical stand will do you proud.


Many prefer to holiday with their eyes mostly shut, asleep, bathed in sunlight or on the move, climbing and trekking. Neither of which leave much space for reading so why not download some audiobooks and get listening? We recommend getting fold-away headphones like these Ted Baker Rockall tan and silver ones – all the better for handbag or backpack stashing. 


If you love horror and intrigue take the latest Stephen King novel, Mr Mercedes, for a drive. Offering suspense and a tale built around a retired homicide detective haunted by a series of unsolved cases from his past.


The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh is a sexually-charged story of a married woman who, while on holiday in Majorca, gets entangled with her stepdaughter’s boyfriend. Brace yourself as it’s set to be a bestseller this summer.

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