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Six of the Best Spring Fashion Phone Cases

Six of the Best Spring Fashion Phone Cases

Spring 2015 is on its way and the fashion forecasters have already surmised the season’s hottest trends.

With London Fashion Week kicking off today, we’ve assembled a collection of phone cases that are bang on style – just for you!

Read on to find out how you could be the coolest kid on the block with one of the below accessories.


Trend #1


Florals: Combining spring’s love for floral prints with on-trend laser-cut is the Gracey. The folio style and card slots ensure you’ll have all the fundamentals close by for… well… more shopping we guess! Available in pink, red or black for iPhone, Samsung and Sony Xperia.


Trend #2


Yellow: “Yellow’s not for everyone!” we hear you gasp. We say that you are wrong! There’s a tone for every skin colour and we’ve found a case that will make anyone turn heads. Meet Italian brand Dado’s sunnier than sunshine real leather Acid case. Impossible to ignore and sure to brighten up any day.


Trend #3


Blue and white: Last season was all about black and white and no one can deny that it will always have its place. But spring has turned her back on monochrome and recommended a fresh twist. Case Hut has landed designer cases this year and the Jean Paul Gaultier is the ultimate nod to one of this season’s trends and the quirky designer’s body of work.


Trend #4


Head to toe white: Oh white. You are so pretty and perfect (until someone spills something on you). Never fear – our mother of pearlcase from Dado is on-trend with no fake tan / red wine risks. Made from natural mother of pearl, this glimmering beauty is perfection and a must-have this season.


Trend #5


Festival girl: The warmer weather means festival season is at our doorstep. When your game is denim cut-offs, a floral headpiece and a well-muddied pair of Hunters you need a phone case to match. Let your inner flower child grow up with a designer case from Christian Lacroix. Pretty and feminine with a luxe edge, we think they’re the perfect accompaniment for mosh pit selfies.


Trend #6


Military green: Who doesn’t love a touch of this colour as a wardrobe staple? Designers have inspired us with spring’s new neutral and we’ve fallen hard for Kenzo’s Clouded Leopard print for iPhone 6. The kaki version is everything you need it to be – eclectic, modern and envy-inducing. 

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