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Perfect Travel Accessories for 2015

Perfect Travel Accessories for 2015

It’s January and the winter blues are kicking in.

Christmas is over and we’re still in for a few more months of short days and grey weather.

So, if like us you’re thinking of booking that dream holiday, then we’ve got the perfect accessories to make sure you make the most of your holiday memories. 

First up, get the most out of your holiday with the selfie stick, set to be the ultimate travel accessory for 2015. We have two of the finest models to choose from. 

The Monopod Adjustable Bluetooth Selfie Stick is available in blackpinkgreen or blue. It extends to almost 40 inches, fitting everyone in the shot. And at £20 it’s an absolute steal.

The Looq model for Apple iPhones is also a crowd-pleaser. While it extends to a shorter 24 inches, you have the luxury of using a device that doesn’t rely on battery, wifi or Bluetooth to work – perfect for travelling.

And dear traveller, there’s no shame in wanting to post a status update from the beach or the slopes (followed by #livingthedream of course). So you’ll need your device fully charged and ready for all hashtag, status posting, photo taking purposes. 

Many of Case Hut’s power packs can charge a phone from empty, while the Ceba power bank can top up tablets. The Universal Travel Charger from MiLi is perfect for international travel with four different adaptors available.

Case Hut also stocks waterproof and shockproof phone cases for the more adventurous traveller, to make smashed screens and waterlogged devices a thing of the past.

We think that’s plenty of inspiration to get jetsetting – now you just need to accessorise!

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