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Coolest Cases and Accessories from Stateside

Coolest Cases and Accessories from Stateside

Our promise to customers for 2015 is to bring you more amazing products to choose from.

So meet NATIVE UNION, effortlessly cool and high quality products, which are proving a massive hit in the US.

We’ve selected a range of cases and USB chargers that we know you, our loyal Case Hut customer, will love.

NATIVE UNION’s CLIC range of cases – metal, wooden and air are covered for iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The metal case definitely breaks away from conventional design. NATIVE UNION has combined solid cherry or walnut wood with a slash of brushed metal. Impressive craftsmanship has led to a case that will age over time and develop its own characteristics.

Make sure you check out the wooden cases too. They’ve been handcrafted and precision engineered to slim fit your phone – and last. We can’t decide our favourite just yet but the aquamarine is undeniably cool.

That leaves us with the air cases. Super slim, they act like a second skin for your iPhone 6, giving it everyday protection without adding bulk or hiding its design. Not only that, they have an anti-slip texture, anti-bacterial property and a bumper to protect the protruding camera lens. Get it for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus now – before everyone realises how amazing they are!

For the girl or guy on the go, the Zebra Belt Charger is for you. A USB cable that can connect your device to your computer for charging or syncing. The best bit? It’s designed to put an end to untidy, tangled up cables at the bottom of your bag.

The braided cable can be wrapped up and secured with an integrated leather belt so it always looks smart, tangle-free and stays in prime condition. 

We’ve got 1.2m cables and 3m cables for both lightning (older Apple products) and micro (newer Apple products) USB ports. Ultimate convenience, right?

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping now!

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