Best slim phone case for iPhone X/XS

If you have an iPhone X/XS and want to protect it from scratches and knocks without compromising its original form and design, then we have you covered with our own Case Hut slim phone cases. Our own range of slim, gel cases will protect your iPhone X/XS against general day activities, however, be mindful these cases aren’t designed for major drops and falls.


The sleek design of our phone cases wrap your devices in a slim and smooth manner. It ensures that the slimness of your device is not compromised and protects it from impacts, scratches, dirt and dust. The cases have a raised edge so the screen is lifted off any surface.


Case Hut’s own branded phone cases are transparent gel cases with stunning visual designs printed on them. Each design is unique and presents a different pattern and mood.


Some of our favourite designs

Studio Haze by Case Hut is a vibrant and beautiful print that has hues of pinks, blues and greens. It almost has a cloud-like effect, which looks like it’s been painted onto the transparent gel case.

Our Pastel Ice Cream iPhone X/XS case replicates a painted canvas. With delicate pastel colours, it creates a Spring-like look. If you love art, then this phone case is the perfect design for you.

The Fractal Camo phone case will make your iPhone X/XS pop with fun colour. An exciting and camo-like pattern, its design incorporates well-blending colours like blues, greens and yellows to create a cool and edgy creative.

Electric Dream by Case Hut is a design that portrays bubbles under a microscope. The colour makes the case very vibrant and interesting to look at. It is bound to catch the eye of many passers-by.




Case Hut’s own gel printed phone cases are a great way to protect your iPhone X/XS from the everyday elements and give your device the smart and unique look it needs.


View our whole range of Case Hut’s own branded cases here. 

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