Best back to school accessories 2020 for your mobile phone

Best back to school accessories 2020

With back to school getting underway, we’ve compiled a list of accessories that we think you’ll need to make your days easier.

Terrapin Apple iPhone X/XS Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Terrapin Tempered Glass Screen Protector is available for several phone models, such as Samsung and Apple. With some screen repairs costing over £100, it’s recommended to protect your device’s screen with one of our tempered glass screen protectors. Offering premium protection for your device’s delicate screen, this screen protector is made of shatter-proof glass and has a smudge-proof coating. Whilst some new phone models have curved screens, please note that the Terrapin screen protectors are recessed from the edge by up to 10%. The recess extends the life of the screen protector and prevents the edges from catching. It enhances compatibility and allows you to use the screen protector alongside a case.


The 100% tempered glass screen protector provides protection from damage and scratches including sharp objects such as keys. It’s easy to apply with no bubbles; the silicone adhesive does the work for you. Everyone can benefit from a screen protector. We’ve all had those moments where you drop your phone face down and bend down to slowly pick it up and turn it over to reveal a mosaic of shattered glass. Don’t be that student who pulls out their new phone to show their friends then drop and shatter the screen on your first day at school. Get a screen protector now.


Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 15K Power Bank – Navy


The Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 15K power bank will immediately charge your device when you need it the most. This relieves the panic when your phone battery is about to die. The ChargeUp Boost 15K has enough juice to restore your battery back to 100%. It has dual ports, which allows you to charge two devices at the same time, making it highly convenient. It can be used to charge your phone or tablet and even a camera or drone. The digital display on the power bank lets you know how much charging power is left. This is also helpful when recharging the power bank itself, so you can easily see when it reaches 100%. This ChargeUp Boost 15K power bank is available in several colours.