So you are the proud new owner of the HTC One M9. Now its time to accessorise it so you can get the most out of the phone.

First off, something we always advise is a screen protector. Everyday usage alone means your new HTC One M9 could end up looking used and abused in no time at all. If you carry the phone in your pocket or perhaps sling it in a bag then its exposed to scratches, scuffs and dents from various objects.


To keep that screen looking new and safeguarded, we suggest either a plastic or tempered glass screen protector. You can check them out here.


Sports Armbands


There are quite a few manufacturers making sports accessories such as Sports Armbands for the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy Series however they tend to overlook other manufacturers.

Shocksock is a lifestyle brand which caters for most manufacturers.

The Shocksock Armband for the HTC One M9 fits like a glove and secures the phone. It enables access to the screen and also has the right cut-outs for headphone usage. Thanks to the design and flap system, it should hold up pretty well if you are caught in the rain and the neoprene provides suitable protection. We suggest you don’t go swimming with it though!


There are various other Armbands on the market but they tend to be “Universal”. This means its designed to fit phones like the HTC One M9 but also other similar devices. As result, they aren’t tailored to the device like the Shocksock series are and can often feel bulky and less stable.

Whether you are doing a run along a beautiful coastline, a marathon, a forest trek or a gym session workout, the Shocksock Armband will have you covered.

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