2 of the best tough phone cases in the world – UAG and Rokform

2 of the best tough phone cases in the world – UAG and Rokform

When it comes to choosing a tough phone case to protect your device, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) and Rokform are two of the best brands on the market. Offering different styles and designs, these two brands will protect your phone extremely well.

Urban Armor Gear (UAG)

UAG phone cases have met the Military Standards for drop and shock protection, which means they are exceptionally tough, sturdy and solid. Made up of numerous layers, UAG phone cases have extra protection in the corners of their cases. This means that your phone is very unlikely to become damaged if dropped.

If you enjoy outdoor activities or extreme sports, UAG is the brand for you. Because of the Military Standards protection, your phone will stay intact on any impact. Do you find yourself trekking or mountain climbing? UAG’s tough phone cases will ensure your device is protected when you get it out to take the perfect photo. Whether you’re up high or down low, UAG will always offer the protection that your phone needs.

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Rokform phone cases are another great brand to protect your device. Their cases contain a high impact outer shell and a soft inner shell, creating a solid reinforced case. The main thing that sets Rokform apart from other brands is the ability to mount your phone onto surfaces.

Rokform supplies tough, mountable phone cases, allowing you to mount your phone to surfaces such as your car dashboard, a bike or stroller. Appreciate hands-free convenience on the go to make your life easier. By owning a mountable phone case, it means you can mount it to your bike if you enjoy outdoor activities and sports. Rokform phone cases allow you to do more whilst strongly protecting your device.

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