An overview of 2 of the best AirPods case accessories

Apple’s AirPods have become so popular that you can now purchase accessories for them. The main add-on now is extra protective cases. Since launching the AirPods, Apple have recently launched the AirPods Pro. These are a new and updated product.

We take a look at two of our favourite AirPods case accessories. 

Terrapin AirPods cases

Easily slip your AirPods into a Terrapin AirPods case and you’ll instantly have a sophisticated and unique look. Terrapin uses a slim-fitting and low profile design to ensure there’s no added bulkiness to the original product. These cases provide the protection of a hard case but the fit and flexibility of a soft case. It carefully and perfectly molds around the original AirPods case. If you’re looking to enhance your AirPods aesthetics, these Terrapin cases are the perfect choice. Make your set of AirPods unique and individual. The case also ensures that your original AirPods case is protected against scratches, dirt and dust, keeping it in pristine condition. These accessories are great quality, easy to use and are available in many colours and designs.  

Catalyst AirPods cases

If you’re a super active person and love any outdoor activity, then the Catalyst AirPods cases are the right choice for you. Waterproof to one metre, it means you can take your AirPods wherever you go without any worries. They have a military grade shock protection, which means that your AirPods can withstand drops of up to one metre. These cases are impact resistant and scratch proof, and are made up of rugged polycarbonate and silicone. No adventure can hold you back from taking your AirPods. The handy clip on these AirPods cases means that losing them becomes nearly impossible and you can ensure they are always with you. They allow you to easily access the lightning charging port too, so you never have to remove the Catalyst case.


Both of the above products will suit different people and needs. The Terrapin AirPods cases are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your AirPods, whereas the Catalyst cases protect your AirPods from outdoors adventures and activities. Both brands work to achieve the same goal in protecting your Apple AirPods.

Please note that the cases above do not fit the AirPods Pro.

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