In the run up to an iPhone launch we hear a tonne of rumours and see plenty CGI concept designs, here we keep you up-to-date on what could be coming for iPhone 7 in September.
Two of the strongest rumours surrounding the new design include Apple removing the headphone jack and the circular home button.
Pictures have surfaced from China which appear to show a version of the phone with a blank front and no headphone jack on AppleInsider’s blog. 

As it is basically impossible to verify the authenticity of the images tech professionals are not taking this concept too literally.
Despite this, Apple is widely renowned for redesigning the iPhone every 2 years, so if Apple stick to this plan the iPhone 7 should be a new design and could resemble what is being shown in these images. Many phone manufacturers are constantly aiming to make their designs slimmer and lighter which means they do need to remove old features. 
We can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us, (quite literally), come September! 





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