This Is How You Delete A Text Message AFTER You’ve Sent It – Privates!!

There is FINALLY a way to delete a message you’ve accidentally said from the recipient’s phone before they’ve read it!

I’m sure most of us have those moments where we regret sending a text, but worry no more, there is now an App to help us all redeem ourselves…Privates acts as your own personal (don’t worry, it’s legal) cleaner! The app helps get you out of those poorly judged text messages!

Privates, which is currently only available on Apple iOS, allows users to recall messages before the recipient opens the message. Although this is great news there is one obvious thing to remember: speed is paramount!

Privates also allows users to create their own ‘self-destruct settings.’ This works by allowing the user to select from three levels of ‘security’ – Mild, Wild and Insane – which deletes the unread message after three, 12, 24 hours. 


All in all, we thank you Gods of Tech for creating this shame-saving App…available by clicking here > Privates App