The good people of Case Hut have put two brands to the test and compared notes on which we believe to be the best of the competing products.

This time we have taken a look at cases designed for toughening up our smartphones with cases designed for some tough love and biking: Rokform and Quad Lock.


ROKFORM Bike Stem & Handlebar Mount 


Claims to be




The case shape is designed to protect the phone completely from impact through a clever six sided protection, Drop tested from 6ft and this product proved itself!

What was wrong…

No front coverage means that this case is only really suitable for dry conditions – and we know how unpredictable British weather can be!

What was great…

The mount fitting looks and feels secure and is also adjustable in size meaning it can fit multiple bike sizes with its twin locking system. There is also a stem solution for an even securer fit.


Over all better designed for mounting and protection- if you were willing to spend a bit extra on an upgraded version of this product there is the £70 lightweight aluminium version that comes complete with the magnet and the waterproof cover.



Claims to be…


As promised. Relatively flimsy feeling case with a slight lip on the front – doesn’t feel as well protected all round as the Rokform case without the poncho on – more suitable for wet conditions

What was wrong…

For £40 it was slightly disappointing to receive what felt like 4 rubber bands and some cable ties. 

Although the poncho is a great feature of this product no access to the switch for turning ringer on and off could be a pain

What was great…

The quad lock poncho is as exceptional feature from this product – overall protection for wet and dry conditions


Overall the poncho is a highlight of this product but we were disappointed with the ‘fittings’ for the price


Rokform offers up a larger number of things in their favour as opposed to the Quad Lock. We do love the idea of the Quad Lock poncho for wet weather but the limitations that also come hand in hand are a little bit of a frustration!

Overall both products have their pros and cons, but Rokform offer up a great upgrade on both of these for £70.

Spending the extra £30 to purchase the aluminium Rokform version rather than purchasing one of these for £40 is definitely more for your money!


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