Our new Native Union Clic Marble cases are top of our most wanted list right now! And here’s why:

Native Union have combined premium, specially selected marble with their signature slash of complementary colour… or black and white in this instance! The Clic Marble is not only elegant, it is also timeless. These cases are unequivocally sophisticated and designed for the style enthusiast.

Formed over thousands of years, the marble selected for these cases embodies all that is luxury and sophistication while remaining lightweight, shatter resistant and cold to the touch. Native Union has managed to transform a solid stone into a wafer thin slice that enhances your iPhone’s beauty without weighing you down; something we think is genius!

The best thing about using this natural stone is that the markings are all unique so no two cases are the same!

Shop these cases by clicking the images below, it will take you right to the colour you want!! 🙂 

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