We all have a preference when it comes to choosing clothing, accessories and even hairstyles. This also applies to when we are looking at buying a case for our phones. There are many different types of case suited to many different types of people so here we have a little look at some of them…
1. The Classic Case

You’re probably quite responsible and most likely you just want a practical case to keep your phone protected. Patterns and embellishments of any sort are overlooked in favour of a classic, solid colour which goes with everything.

2. The Bold Case
You like to accessorize in a way that starts a conversation and this still applies when it comes to your phone case. It’s not just something you use for protecting your device, it’s a direct accessory in it’s own right. You choose bold styles from designers such as Moschino and your case comes in the shape of French Fries, a household cleaning product or a packet of cigarettes. 
3. The Understated and Trendy Case
You like to keep up with current trends, but on your own terms. The styles you choose are always on trend, but never anything too flashy or bold – instead you  favour subtle prints or exotic looking leathers in classic colours. 
4. The Queen of Couture Case
You most likely absolutely love the bold trends and the glitz and glamour that comes hand in hand with being a fashionista. You probably change your phone case as regularly as you change your clothes and see it as a staple part of your daily look. You definitely don’t shy away from bold prints and any sort of sparkle when choosing a case!

5. The Flat Battery Case
This case is for those always on-the-go. Those who need their phones but never stop for long enough to find an electrical output to keep your device charged. Your phone is probably very crucial to your day – be it having to check emails, answer phone calls or monitor social media accounts – you need the back up power to save you from those moments of ‘Low Battery’ notifications that flag up after a day on the move.
4. The Selfie Case
This case is for the people who like to keep their social media up to date with their latest selfie. Your phone case probably assists you with these selfies by providing great lighting that hides any blemishes and gives you an outer glow! 
5. The No – Case Case
This phone case is usually a clear gel that’s barely noticeable to the naked eye but keeps the phone protected. Its practical and there’s no need to worry about accessorising your phone to match your outfit of the day as it shows the shell of your shiny smartphone!
6. The Naked Phone
Following on from the ‘no-case case’ lovers are the ‘naked phone’ lovers. You either have complete confidence that you won’t drop and smash your phone or you just prefer the look and feel of your phone without anything covering it. After all, you didn’t choose the Rose Gold iPhone 6 so no-one could see the phone in all its metallic glory! 
Happy Case Hunting!!

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