For those of you who have decided to purchase the new iPhone SE, we have some beautiful cases from Swiss brand DADO. This company has a ‘passion for Italian led design’ which has helped them to design and produce their cases in Milan; the home of fashion and the heart of global trends.

With a selection of cases made from a wide range of materials, including natural wood, genuine leather and mother of pearl (to name a few), they are fashionable and unique.

Here are our top 5 from Case Hut’s collection:


  1. Real Leather Croco Burgandy £20
    Dado’s use of an exotic leather creates an undeniably sophisticated accessory for your iPhone 5/5S. Classic, ultra-durable and at an affordable price tag too. This burgundy beauty is classic and timeless.
  2. Mother of Pearl White £50
    Mother of Pearl has always been considered as elegant and sophisticated and this case proves that to be true. The higher end in price of these products, but worth the money we think!
  3. Mother of Pearl Rainbow £50
    The Rainbow mother of pearl case is like no other. The natural range of colours running through this material makes this a special case we cannot resist. We didn’t think it was possible to be so obsessed, but we we’re in love with this piece of elegance and we bet you will be too.
  4. Real Leather Acid Yellow £20
    With summer on its way, Dado’s Acid case is the sunniest way to keep your iPhone protected. Brighten up any day with this impossible-to-ignore case.
  5. Stone Jeera Green £15
    Dado’s Stone collection contains an unconventional yet seriously stylish selection of phone cases, naturally bumpy, smooth and rough all at the same time. Update your iPhone with a case that is surprisingly lightweight and undeniably different.
Shop the collection here:
Happy Case Hunting!!

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