A new store has popped up in London’s Covent Garden and it caught our eye like a magpie spots sparkles at a Christmas party. Kikki.K is a Swedish brand set up by a husband and wife team. Born out of Kristina Karlsson’s search for a meaningful, creative outlet started out with her ‘3am list’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG35Hy1OhR0). It was in her search to find a calling and set up her own business that led to her realising that she couldn’t find anything nice to physically set up with. Hence her to-do list was the beginning of it all. They now have stores all over the world. 


At the opening of their new branch in Covent Garden, Kristina was there in person to give customers a tour of the store and her children were even serving the canapés! This immersive pop up in Opera House Parade showcases their brand story (in charming paper cut out narratives on the wall) and design edge in an exciting, unique and entertaining way. 


We were seduced by the beautiful pastel colours, the aesthetic simplicity and playful tone of voice. This is the perfect place to pickup an organiser or some beautiful stationery for yourself or a gift for someone you know ho loves to organize and plan! 



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