This exhibition documents graphic designer and artist Stefan Sagmeister’s ten years of ongoing investigation into happiness. Currently on show at the MAK Design Lab in Vienna, the show has already toured around parts of the USA and picked up a bit of a following. To accompany the show Sagmeister has created a blog with a feed of all photos taken by visitors, linked via the hashtag, creating a tsumnami of tumblr moments of happiness. 


Both witty and cheeky, the show utilizes the spaces in weird and wonderful ways (if you’re curious, just look for the photos of what he’s done to the lifts). Fundamentally, the show is made by the visitors as Sagmeister’s leading jokes are only funny if there is someone to laugh at them and his ‘Mood Barometer’ is only effective if people take a gum ball. 


‘It takes visitors on a journey through the designer’s way of thinking and his attempts to increase his own happiness by training his mind as others train their bodies….In handwritten commentaries on the museum’s walls, bannisters, and bathrooms, Sagmeister elucidates his thoughts and motives for the projects on show.’


Why not see if it will lift your mood…


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