We all know Nike and their Research Lab are forever innovating to make athletes performances as comfortable and as enhanced as possible. Even better is that Nike keep making this tech available to us average Joes (and Janes).


Their latest innovation, Nike Tech Knit, is due to be released on the 4th Feb to sit alongside their Tech Fleece Style (http://store.nike.com/gb/en_gb/pw/tech-pack/o6k). With their designers constantly travelling around the world and scouring cultures for new trends this innovation has been created in response to this data. For those of us who are battling the elements on our outdoor runs or workout sessions this is the perfect time of year to launch this type of knit range as it aims to primarily balance and control temperature.


‘Athletes, both professional and everyday, experience fluctuating body temperatures and desire garments that respond to their varying level of activity to help enable the natural thermoregulation process. The athlete’s average day provides the blueprint for this engineering.’


To create the look and feel of the collection Nike designers collaborated with yarn specialists, computer programmers and knitting machine technicians to develop this next generation of technical knitwear.


Find out more about the ‘behind the scenes’ process of creation here:


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