Artsnight is a weekly half an hour TV slot on the BBC that follows Newsnight. Technically it is defined as a magazine art show, meaning there are several ‘reporters’ covering various areas of a topic within the international world of  arts and culture. This weeks edition is a delve into the future of technology and specifically robots. It is fronted by Scissor Sisters’ front-woman Ana Matronic (apparently a life long fan of robots – she even has an animatronic style tattoo) and explores ‘how robots are taking over mainstream culture, co-presenting the episode with a real robot’.


The episode features New York-based cyborg artist Neil Harbisson – a man who was born with a condition that meant he can hear colours. Several years ago he had a micro-chip inserted in his brain so can play the sounds outside of his head.


There is also coverage of the role of R2D2 in the soon-to-be-released new Star Wars movie. Plus, there is a look into 2015’s summer hit-TV drama from Channel 4, Humans, which brought to life an alternative present reality where human-like cyborgs can be bought along with your grocery shopping to help you around the house.


There is even time to investigate Kaspar, ‘the minimally-expressive humanoid robot designed as a therapeutic toy for children with autism’ and Z-Machines, Squarepusher’s new robot band designed by DJ musician Tom Jenkinson. Definitely a line up of technologically, creative and colourful examples in a bite size dose – not to be missed.


It is available to watch until the 3rd January.

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