What is Nano Technology for Screen Protectors?

Nano Technology is the latest buzz word to infiltrate the accessory market. Centered around screen protection, nano technology has once again revolutionised an industry.  
For over a decade now, screen protectors have found common place in mobile device protection alongside protective cases. Within the last 3 years, we have seen an evolution of this with the introduction of tempered glass screen protectors.  
2015 has marked the introduction of consumer adoption for nano technology. 
So what is it? Nano technology screen protection is a liqiud based substance which is applied to gadget screens. Its not a complex process and the amount you need is very little. Once applied, your screen is protected from scratches, keys, coins and normal pocket wear. 

Theres a lot more than meets the eye though. With nano technology applied, your screen is up to 10x more protective. On top of this the application is a breeze, you simply wipe it on. No more fiddling with aligning a film! Research has also shown that the nano technology improves screen vividness as well as clarity through camera lenses. 



Options for screen protection


Tempered:  These still prove popular as with like any technology, people are still unsure and stick to what they know. 
We stock a few options from Terrapin and Qdos.




Liquid Nano Technology: Soon to be the industry standard, liquid nano protection is rapidly becoming the choice of consumers.  
Here at Case Hut, we retail Sharkproof. We have tested many but found this brand offered brilliant results along with good value.

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