We all dream of one day owning a special piece of art and proudly hanging it on our walls. We also know there is value in limited editions and particular artists names. But whether you like Tracey Emin or Damien Hirst, the likely hood of actually owning something by a prestigious artist is pretty slim. Sedition is completely changing this. By identifying a gap in the market between art and our attachment to our digital devices they’ve created artistic innovation…


‘Sedition brings you an art experience for your digital life. Collect and enjoy limited edition artworks, exclusively created in digital media by the world’s greatest contemporary artists. Sedition securely stores your collection so you can access it anytime, anywhere, on any screen, across your devices. Sedition presents original limited edition artworks for you to own, enjoy and resell. Watch your editions appreciate in value as other collectors move the market. Build your private collection of digital artworks. And take it with you wherever you go.’


Artworks begin from only £5 and some of the leading artists that they feature are Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Bill Viola, Aaron Koblin, Yoko Ono. Also, you can sign up to receive regular updates via their newsletter as to which new artists and works are now on their books plus the latest news as to the big events in the art world. This is a sign of the future so sign up now to get in there early.

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