So this Wednesday is THE Wednesday. You know what we’re talking  about right? The 21st October 2015 was the eponymous day that Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and his mentor Doc Brown were sent forward to in the cult movie classic Back To The Future Part II. Released in 1989 it was a box office sensation and it’s influence has crept up in culture regularly ever since. 


For a start, the sheer audacity of the predictions of what life would be like in 2015 are astonishingly accurate; finger-print locking devices, flat screen TVs that can also host video calls and voice activated tech. Of course the biggest innovation they missed is the internet and there is also the iconic Delorian, time-travelling car but we’ve not got that advanced just yet…


The Secret Cinema group hosted a hugely successful 1950s style, immersive screening, event back in 2014 that recreated Marty’s home town estate, fairground and school plus numerous actors playing various ‘extras’ to make that little bit more real. The screening itself was projected on to the front-face of the Town Hall, setting for one of the key finale scenes with key scenes recreated live.


Nike also created the 2011 Nike Mag shoe to replicate those of Marty McFly’s in the movie and – as we mentioned in an earlier post – the invention of a REAL hoverboard by Lexus.


So whatever you do, don’t let this day pass you by. Afterall, who knows what the future will bring.

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