Imagine a washing machine so quiet you could set it to run during the night (taking advantage of the off-peak energy costs) or cool down in front of a fan whilst watching TV without having to turn the TV volume to ridiculous levels?


The quiet mark is a stamp of certification of tech ‘quietness’ and was founded in 2012 by Poppy Szkiler, the granddaughter of the founder of the Noise Abatement Society. The NAB has been called to deal with noisy parties, washing machines etc for over 50 years. Now, there is a Quiet Mark seal of approval to denote products of peaceful productivity.


‘Research by John Lewis reveals that almost half (49%) of Brits consider sound an important factor in their purchasing decision when buying home technology appliances. This increases to 62% of those with an open plan kitchen, lounge, or dining room.’


So who and what makes the grade?


Dyson Cool™ AM06 Desk Fan

This circular, almost space age, device is seamless in it’s simplicity and will keep you cool with minimal distractions.



Magimix 3200 BlenderMix food processor

It’s typical that as soon as you flick the ‘on’ button and start blending or mixing that you feel like you’re about to take flight? The forceful whirring and violent grinding can’t be avoided – until now.



John Lewis JLWM1606 washing machine

Good old John Lewis to never let you down when it comes to your white goods. They have created a washing machine with an inverter motor (sounds fancy to us), which provides quicker washing times and quieter operation. It’s energy rating is also ridiculously efficient.


And the holy grail? A quiet vaccum cleaner. This rating is currently a work in progress…


‘Awarding a Quiet Mark to a vacuum cleaner on the basis that it is just ‘quiet’ gives no guarantees or indicators as to the performance of the appliance, nor to the physical effort it takes to manoeuvre the machine… This is early days in the life of the Quiet Mark campaign, achieving quieter high performance technology will not happen overnight. However, as consumers see benefits in reducing noise of appliances to support healthier living and working environments, investment in quieter acoustics and improved sound quality at the product design stage will inevitably become a priority for brands across the market sector’

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