Wearable tech is no longer something new but just like your Apple software, the iterations of it are receiving constant updates, meaning the offerings are getting more and more seductive and effective. Samsung have just launched their fifth wearable tech watch, S2 Gear. The previous five generations have featured square faces to reflect their phone counterparts but they have branched away in to a sleek round face for a more familiar design. 



The outer face has been designed for scrolling down, the face itself is – as expected – touchscreen and the home and back buttons are built into the sides making for a ergonomic navigation system.


Samsung have even built their own health app, S Health. You can track your daily activities, your heart rate and even track your water and caffeine intake. The wireless charging deck makes for seamless boosts. They’ve also collaborated with several independent apps to curate interaction appropriate to the S2 Gear like Nike+ Running and Smart Things so you can control the devices in your home remotely. Early reviews have said it’s not great with third party apps but a fair few smart watches face this difficulty. 


Samsung are even covering all their consumer needs bases by offering versions that feature faces designed by a collaboration with Atelier Mendini, the Milanese-based furniture and interior designer known for his bold streaks of colour. 


Overall, it is slim and elegant and will look incredibly chic on your wrist, whether it will cover every one of your life needs is yet to be seen…


All images courtesy of Gizmag and Samsung

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