What with technological advancement and sustainable design, we often wonder what on earth (if we’re still living on earth) will our lifestyles and cities be like in the future? Two French firms, Nicholas Laisné Associés and OXO Architects, have designed a skyscraper concept that brings the answer to life.




A 1,400 foot desert skyscraper concept has been proposed for development as the city of the future. La Ville Tour Des Sables, as it’s named (translated: “The Sand Tower Town”), has been designed to resemble the shards of a rock or stone. It would be completely self-sustaining as it would include living quarters, agricultural units, factories etc.


As part of its sustainability it has been designed to work in harmony with the desert resources by collecting rainwater and then heating it, the steam can be used to power the building alongside solar panels.




Food can also be grown in a vertical garden through the core of the structure and the configuration has been designed to resemble a 21st Century souk.


The proposal suggests the Sahara is the best place for the development and the architects believe that if construction started now, it would be complete in 50 years’ time – so maybe the future isn’t so far away after all.

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