We all need a little adventure in our lives, now and again at least. No time is better than the present when the forecast is good and the air is filled with chilled summer vibes. However, on a more practical level, outside living takes some planning and preparation! So whether you’re festival camping, hill hiking or day tripping here are some of our best recommended products to have to hand…



Naztech car charger

If you’re doing a road trip, it’s always reassuring to know that you’re driving around a big, recharging battery under the hood of your vehicle but when your phone dies mid-trip you really wish you could borrow a bit of that power to get you back online. So you will welcome the arrival into your life of the Naztech MFI approved car charger for all Apple devices. It offers ultra-fast charging and easy installation to streamline your route to getting back online.



Mophie juice pack air for iphone

If you’re not using a car as part of your outing and can’t get to a plug point easily then a Mophie juice pack is an essential. Whether your phone dies halfway through filming your favourite band at Glastonbury festival or cuts you off half way through a FaceTime chat with your family, you’ll have more than 100% extra battery life available to get you back online super fast. It’s durable and can offer you up to 10 hours of additional web browsing hours so you won’t miss those essential episodes of your favourite series whilst out roaming away from home.



iKettle by Smarter

This nifty device can be switched on from a distance – so as you’re nearing home just tap into the Wi-Fi and be tea-ready by the time you get through the door. You can even specify the temperature so you don’t burn those delicate tea leaves.




Use this to free up space on any portable device. You can watch an entire TV series via your phone or tablet without it taking up precious space, or share photos from your trip with friends and family.

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