It’s the timepiece that has everybody talking – the Apple Watch, or the brand’s “most personal device ever”.


It’s been estimated that nearly one million people in the US have pre-ordered the watch, and we can see why. In fact, we’ve put together five reasons why we think you should get your hands on the latest offering from Apple.


  1. Simple, on-the-go access. You don’t have to pull your iPhone or iPad out to receive calls, read emails or reminders. Apple’s first wearable gadget beams messages, Facebook updates and more right to your wrist. You can also choose which notifications you wish to ignore. Not wanting to take a call from a telemarketer? No problems – just dismiss it while keeping in the loop with important alerts.


  1. Siri, our favourite voice-control feature, is compatible with the Apple Watch. Having Siri with you at all times means you can access it much more quickly and conveniently. Dictate messages, get directions and stay up-to-date on events.


  1. It’s compatible with your favourite apps. Do you heavily rely on Citymapper to get around London? Perhaps Uber is your go-to after a night out. Are you a frequent Shazam-er? These are no problems for the Apple Watch. A bunch of app developers have created or adapted existing apps to work perfectly on the smaller screen.


  1. Fitness. The Apple Watch comes with a customer heartrate sensor, and it can count your steps. It’s designed to motivate you to sit less and move more and over time it learns your activity and fitness levels and uses that information to suggest personalised activity goals. It also provides reminders to encourage you to achieve your goals while rewarding you for reaching personal fitness milestones. 


  1. Case Hut has the best accessory to go with the watch. Twelve South’s Hi Rise for Apple Watch is the must-have charging dock for your bedside table. Not only will it showcase your timepiece while you charge it overnight, the design allows you to use the watch while it’s charging. We have it on pre-order in silver and black. Secure yours today!


The Apple watch is available from £299 and will go on sale from April 24. 

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