Smart home, smart you

Imagine a world where you could still be at work and control your home’s heating, security and lighting so you could walk in the front door and just relax.

This is the reality of today as the concept of the Internet of Things becomes real. Traditional homes are becoming Smart Homes – where everyday appliances can be controlled remotely.

At Case Hut we are very confident that these products are the way of the future. Sure, they seem a little farfetched now, and maybe even a little costly. But that’s why we’ve partnered with a very cool company with products that are affordable and easy to use.

Welcome to OORT, a unique technology that allows you to control your working or living environment with a single app. It’s universal. It’s sophisticated. But most importantly, it’s simple.

OORT’s system is built around a range of sensors (temperature, smoke, humidity, air quality, motion and light) and smart devices which can interact with your existing third-party hardware through a specialised Bluetooth Smart hub.

Essentially, you can connect all your Bluetooth compatible devices and operate them through one app on your smartphone or tablet. Think your kettle, fridge, lighting, heating… the opportunities are mounting.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it? It’s not, but we want you to start small and introduce you to some simple products that you can easily integrate into your home.

Let’s meet OORT’s SmartLED first. It’s a smart lightbulb that can instantly change the look of a room with more than 16 million colours available. Using your smartphone as a remote control, the free mobile app can switch off a light or change its colour while you’re in the house. Best of all, because it’s an energy efficient LED light, it will last up to 40,000 hours.

We’ve also added the OORT Smart Finder which is perfect for those who struggle to find their keys or wallet in the morning rush to work. The Smart Finder helps you easily track down lost items via an app. Attach it to your keys or wallet and connect over Bluetooth – you’ll be on your way in no time.

We know this technology is bang on and we’re very excited to hear what you think. Ultimately it’ll make your home life a little easier and a little bit more convenient – and who wouldn’t want that?! Check it out today

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