#ThisJustIn. The ‘natural’ look is hot right now – whether it’s Kate Moss on the front cover of December’s Vogue, Emma Watson in Elle or Carey Mulligan gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, it’s all about looking natural.

As home to the latest trends, the Case Hut team has assembled the ultimate range of natural accessories to complete your look, and emulate your favourite Hollywood star.

One of our favourites is the stunning collection of accessories from Milanese company Dado, spanning natural mother of pearl through to stone and wood.

The Italian brand has been sourced by Case Hut for its use of genuine, high quality materials, ensuring each case showcases your own individual style.

If your taste is more luxe than less, the mother of pearl is most definitely for you. With three different shades, each is delivered with its own certificate of authenticity.

For those whose taste is more rugged than resplendent, the stone cases will suit your style to a T. Available in copper, green or grey, they are sleek and stylish and will ensure your phone turns heads.

Completing the stunning collection is Dado’s range of genuine wood cases. Available in grey ash, wood teak and a blue sea hue, they are the ultimate in creating the natural look.

Whatever your taste and whatever your style, Case Hut has natural the look for you – and your phone.

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