Today’s mobiles are so much more than devices to make phone calls on.

They’re sat navs, cameras and e-readers, they’re internet accessing, game playing devices that enable you to be in to contact with anyone, anywhere, anytime – provided you have battery power.

And that’s the problem. With smart phones having so many uses we’re all guilty of having multiple apps and connections permanently open, meaning we chew through battery power in a matter of hours.

There is plenty of (sometimes conflicting) advice out there on how to get the best out your mobile phone’s battery. Yes, you can ensure your battery never goes below 40 per cent, keep it at an optimum temperature and turn off your data but for the ultimate convenience, Case Hut has the solution for you.

We’ve scoured the globe to find our customers the greatest mobile phone and tablet accessories and devices in the market.

Brands such as MiLi are now producing chargers so light and thin you can fit them in your wallet. There’s also the all-in-one universal charger that you can use in your car and when travelling overseas.

If you would prefer a case that charges while protecting your phone, Naztech’s range is so slim you will forget you’re carrying extra power on the go. Its blisteringly fast car chargers are ideal for topping up your power while behind the wheel.  

And if you’re after something that is functional, built to last and pretty darn cool, you can’t go wrong with Rokform’s Rokdock.

It’s a charging system crafted from solid aircraft grade aluminium. Set it up on your bedside table or on the desk at work for constant connectivity.

So, whatever your need, there’s no excuse for a flat battery with Case Hut. 

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