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Staying ahead of the peloton

With Britain winning track gold medals and Yellow Tour de France jerseys for fun, there’s never been a better time for cycling in Britain.

As the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Laura Trott and Lizzie Armistead lead the way at the elite level, a cycling revolution has been taking place on the roads, lanes and parks across Britain.

It’s almost impossible to head out on the road without being met with the site of a lycra clad peloton either out for some weekend exercise or beating the traffic on the morning commute.

But as the evenings draw in and the winter weather starts its onset, it’s time to think about wrapping up and making yourself waterproof.

While you might not mind getting a bit wet, you certainly don’t want your phone getting a soaking.

With many of us relying on our phone as both a sat nav and for recording our rides, smart phones have become almost as integral to cycling as a good pair of padded shorts.

We find the Shocksock water resistant cases for both iPhones and Samsung are ideal for mounting to your handle bars and keeping your device dry, while Rokform provide some of the hardiest cases around for your bike.

We can’t guarantee you’ll get to your destination dry, but at least your phone should.