We’ve all been there. We watch the Ryder Cup or Masters on TV in mute admiration as the world’s best golfers make the game look stupidly easy. Shot after effortless shot they hit fairway and greens before casually rolling one putt in after the other for another sub-par round.

As we watch from the comfort of our sofa we conveniently forget the fact that we never practice and the last time we played we hit six balls in a row into the water. We then convince ourselves that the next time we hit the course we’ll be giving Tiger and Co a run for their money.

However, reality kicks in once we stride confidently onto the course only to have our McIlroy bubble burst as we hack out from the bushes on the first. Suddenly Gary Player’s words ‘the more I practice, the luckier I get’ come home to land.

We all know practice is the key to getting better and now it’s never been easier to improve your swing. With smart phones allowing slow-mo videos it’s now possible to record and analyse your swing.

One of our favourite devices for helping to lower our handicap is the Rokform golf shooter. Simply stick it in the ground and attach your phone via a Rokform case and you can record your swing straight down the line.

With a Rokform case and the right accessory, you can easily attach your smartphone to the handlebars of bicycles, bikes and prams, allowing you to use your phone as a sat nav and record your exercise, while ensuring you have the ultimate in protection whenever you are on the go. 

So whether you’re wanting to cut your handicap or get active out and about, check out the Rokform range for all the answers.

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